This is the alumni association of the Sri Skandaguru Vidyalayam with the vision and mission of preserving the temple tradition.

Sadgurunatha Janmotsav

As a token of sustaining the sacred bond of care and love with the Vidyalayam and also as a token of gratitude to our Guruji, the Sangam celebrates the Janma Dinam of our beloved Guruji Siva Sri S.K. .Raja Bhattar in a traditional way. The celeberation includes Poojas, yagnas, disscussions with eminent scholars , skits by students, bhajans, and many more activities to strengthen devotion to the Guru, the Vedas and the saivagamas


Since its birth with the blessings of Bhagavan and the grace of our Guruji Sivasri.S.K.. Raja Bhattar   the Sivamritha Sangham has performed special yagnas and poojas at eight traditional temples for the welfare of the whole world.

“Uzhavara-p-Pani”: A team of Alumni gets together periodically to clean the temple and temple associated places

Activities at present:

At present the Sangam is working on the rejuvenation of the Sri Pashupatheeshvarar Temple of Avoor in Thiruvarur district.

Research and Publications:

As part of the activities to preserve the Veda-Sivagamas, the Alma mater focuses also on research and publication work, in co-ordination with the Sri Skandaguru Vidyalayam..



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